Our Mission

Educating the Head, the Hand and the Heart


Our Vision

Making a difference in service for humankind and God


Our Values

Nurturing intellectual curiosity

Aloha! And Welcome To Hawaiian Mission Academy

We extend a warm invitation to all who are interested in attending Hawaiian Mission Academy 9-12. We accept all students interested in an excellent education based on Christian principles so that they may be of service to God and the community.

Academic Excellence

Hawaiian Mission Academy provides quality instruction via their exceptional staff, learning environment and personal touch. A broad background in all necessary fields is covered in order to intelligently meet the demands of everyday life.

Personal Attention

HMA’s staff is available to their students, morning or evening, for academic or personal matters. They foster skills and attitudes that promote healthful leisure activities, self confidence, sociability, honesty and integrity.

College-Focused Instruction

HMA acquaints students with major fields of knowledge and technological developments, develops critical thinking and appreciation for music, literature, art, languages, and other experiences.

Quality Christian Eduaction

HMA recognizes the importance of a spiritual foundation in our life activities and gives instruction in the principles of God’s Word and a life of service. To develop a desire in students to serve God and others in this life and be an example before the world.

Active Alumni

Hawaiian Mission Academy is blessed to have the faithful support of The Hawaiian Mission Academy Alumni Association to assist the school in the accomplishment of its goals. Thank you for your continual support.

International Dormitory

HMA is the only Academy that provides international dormitory housing on the island. Our students get to live with their peers on campus under the supervision and guidance of our nurturing, professional and experienced staff.

Student Led Week of Prayer

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Introduction: “My Story” follows the unique stories of five students as they wrestle with life and God. Their amazing stories will take us on a journey of life, faith, courage, change, and hope. Through their Journey we’ll get a glimpse of God, and His desire to make of your life an amazing story. Special features will be brought to you by each class. This is…

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Come and attend one of Hawaii’s premier institutions where students learn together in a family (ohana) environment. Come and see why students consider their years at Hawaiian Mission Academy among their best! As alumni of Hawaiian Mission Academy, John and I feel privileged to have graduated from a school that prepare us not only for our careers, but also for service to others. We spent some of our best years at Hawaiian Mission Academy – where caring teachers do more than instruct, where students learn more than book knowledge, and where students develop “the head, the hand, and the heart” in a spiritual atmosphere. We want to invite you to join a school where each student matters and where faculty and staff care about you like family.

Former Governor John D. Waihe`e, III and First Lady Lynne Waihe`e (Board Chair), Class of 1964

Hawaiian Mission academy provided the opportunity and support that shaped much of my personal and professional future. Having a college prep classes helped me set my sights on a college education, which eventually led me to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. It was at Hawaiian Mission Academy that I learned the strength of leadership through serving others. My teachers taught me that it’s not just about having a successful career; it’s how giving to others is the true reward and blessing.

Russell P. Kim, DDS, Class of 1982

Hawaiian Mission Academy gave me the foundation to build not only a meaningful career but a wonderful life. There I learned not only about reading, writing and arithmetic. I learned about compassion, character, and competence. We learned about serving others and about making a positive contribution to community. Whether presiding over a trial or parenting my children, I’m a better person because of what I learned at Hawaiian Mission Academy.

David A. Pendleton, Class of 1985

The fundamental Christian education I received at Hawaiian Mission Academy not only gave me essential academic skills for pursuing a career in medicine, but more importantly played a key role in my character development. Participating in school functions such as Week of Prayer, Camp Erdman, and Hearts of Fire taught me life lessons of: integrity, service, and compassion. As a parent I know all about sacrifices and attending Hawaiian Mission Academy was an investment in my future happiness and success.

Sandra T. Rodriguez-Fortner, M.D., Class of 1991 (Magna Cum Laude)

There is no doubt that the influence of all the wonderful teachers and students at Hawaiian Mission Academy had a lot to do with my accomplishments. Needless to say, I truly treasure the experience and memories of Hawaiian Mission Academy. I am just so glad to know that the school continues to carry the beacon.

Yutaka Niihara, Class of 1978


Along with their daily administrative responsibilities, these fine leaders are also teaching their expertise to our students
History, Psychology, Missions, & English
Vice Principal, Registrar
Faculty: Dormitory Dean & Art


These are the role models for the leaders of tomorrow.
Faculty: Foundations of Math, Geometry, Algebra I & II
Faculty: English
Faculty: Anatomy & Physiology, Biology Chemistry, Marine Biology, Physics
Faculty: Dormitory Dean & Art
Vice Principal, Registrar
Administrator: International Studies Director. Teacher: English Second Language, Geometry, Algebra I...
Faculty: Physical Education, Economics, Accounting, & Industrial Arts.
History, Psychology, Missions, & English
Faculty: Spanish I & II, Creative Living, Culinary Arts, Hawaiian History, & Choir
Chaplain and Religion Teacher