Class Agenda, Tuesday, Feb. 17

By February 16, 2015CLASS: Physics

Tomorrow there will be a film crew working in our classroom.

I want to let you know how the day is going to go.

I will take attendance as usual.

I will ask for prayer requests and prayer as usual.

For the 1st half of class:

I will tell you what your options are to study for Ch. 9 Test on Thursday.

I will give you a review worksheet.

Cielo and John – if you are willing – you will be helping the new student build a bottle                    rocket, teaching him some of the basic physics principles while you assist him in the                      building of it.

I will be available to help each you as you review for the test on Thursday.

You will take your 5 min break.

For the 2nd half of the class:

Some of the ESL students may come in again.

We will head up to Mango Grove to launch a few rockets.

We will come back to class and continue our review until the end of the period.

Please attempt to act as normal as possible.

Thank you ahead of time for your focus.

Mr. Geigle


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