We are honored with the opportunity to welcome you to our ohana here at Hawaiian Mission Academy and for the privilege of being able to direct our best efforts towards the education of each student.

You have chosen to attend school where God’s presence and blessing has been in evidence since our beginnings in 1895. HMA is the site and former home of Hawaiian royalty and we treasure our connection to our local cultures. In the halls and classrooms of our campus we promote and celebrate both traditions and the pursuit of educational excellence. Our foremost efforts are always made in the perusal of mentoring and following the life of Jesus Christ as we support our students in their efforts to prepare their minds, hearts and characters for a life of service to God and their fellow humans.

The highest priority for each of our faculty and administrators is the success, fulfillment and growth of each and every student on our campus each year. We look forward to joining together with each of you as we enjoy the blessings that this year has in store.

With Warmest Aloha,

Roland Graham