Mathematics (E)
1 semester (5 semester periods) Grades 11-12

This is an introductory course which will give students an understanding of accounting, familiarity with terms, and preparation for college accounting courses. Students will learn how to keep financial records by hand and how to prepare financial statements using double entry accounting.



Social Studies|Business Education (R|E)
1 semesters (5 semester periods) Grade 12

The course is designed to create an understanding of various principles of economics and serve as a guide to the daily financial world on a micro and a macro level, as well as on a national and global basis.

In the computer science department students are introduced to a wide variety of editing platforms that allow them to modify photos, videos and text. Editing platforms include Adobe Photoshop, FinalCut Pro, iDVD, iMovie, Adobe Pagemaker, and Adobe InDesign.


Computer Technology |Business Education (R)
2 semester (10 semester periods) Grade 9

This is a comprehensive course designed to provide students with outstanding technology skills to enable them to excel in education and the professional world. While learning the many features of Microsoft Word, the class begins with a review of fundamental principles of touch typewriting in order to increase speed and accuracy while processing business related documents-letters, reports, tables, memos, and other written communication forms. Desktop Publishing is also covered. Students will learn how to create professional looking presentation graphics with Microsoft PowerPoint. Students also have the opportunity to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while organizing and manipulating data in spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel. The final components of this class include an introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) using Google SketchUp, and an introduction to Digital Art using Adobe Photoshop.