Practical Arts (R/E)
2 semester (10 semester periods) Grades 9-10

This is a basic comprehensive course in all areas related to independent living. Subjects covered include values and goals, living with your family, good grooming, understanding others, harmony of colors, wardrobe planning, clothing design, basic sewing, foods and nutrition, food preparation, parenting, child care, housing, home furnishing, and resource management.



Practical Arts (E)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grade 12

MICROWAVE COOKING (1st semester)

The purpose of this class is to teach students how to utilize the Microwave ovens that many of them already have or will eventually own. Many microwave owners simply use their unit to re-heat or to heat convenience foods. In this class the student is allowed to experiment with many types of microwave cooking, to find ways to correct failures, to use new preparation techniques, to alter regular recipes for vegetarian cooking, and to save time for themselves and their families in food preparation.

FOREIGN FOODS (2nd semester)

The purpose of this class is to expose the student to a wide variety of different foods, new preparation techniques, and new ways to alter recipes and adapt them to vegetarian cooking.



Applied / Practical Arts (R)
2 semester (10 semester periods) Grade 9 thru 12

Woodworking is an important subject in the field of Industrial Arts and Technical Education. This elective course will provide basic instruction in the use of technical drawings (using Google SketchUp software), and hand & power tools used in the woodworking field. It offers exploratory “hands-on” experiences which give the student the opportunity to create technical drawings and make various wood products. Students will become familiar with technical aspects of wood structure, growth, and physical properties of wood, and the application of modern finishing materials. The importance of developing safe work habits is highly stressed throughout the course.



Computer Technology|Business Education (E)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grades 10-12

PREREQUISITE: Keyboarding and Computer Literacy; or by teacher approval, space permitting.

This is a course open to students (recommended by the editor with final selection and approval by the advisor) who show an interest in working on the yearbook and learning the basics of publishing and writing. Lectures, videos, computer programs and class work will teach the student how to produce quarterly material for the yearbook (KA LAMAKU). Adobe Pagemaker or InDesign are the computer applications that will be used within this course. Although the yearbook is completed by the end of 3rd quarter, all students will be enrolled throughout the second semester and work on desktop publishing applications with the goal of developing a portfolio of projects and completing the requirements to earn 10 units of credit. The Teacher Advisor selects the KA LAMAKU Editor.



Computer Technology/English (E)
2 semesters (10 semester periods) Grades 10- 12
• 5 semester periods: Desktop Publishing
• 5 semester periods: English Elective

PREREQUISITE: C in English I (1st Semester)

The emphasis of this course is placed on the basics of news management, public relations, ethical practices, and objectivity in being a critical observer of human events. It includes skill development in computer desktop publishing, layout, and design. This course is a combined academic and lab-oriented course. The Teacher Advisor selects the Ka Elele Editor.

History, Psychology, Missions, & English
Faculty: Physical Education, Economics, Accounting, & Industrial Arts.