The school administration shall be responsible for the eligibility of all athletes. The following is the minimum criteria:

  • 1. 2.0 GPA previous quarter (midterm grades will also be checked).
  • 2. NO F’s or Incompletes from previous quarter.
  • 3. NO D’s or F’s during the season. Progress Reports will be done every other Monday. If a student has a D or an F, they will not be allowed to play or participate with the team for that week. They have until the following Monday’s progress report to work with their teacher(s) and raise their grade for eligibility. Turning in late work to change a grade is NOT an option. However, each situation or grade concern will be addressed on a case by case basis.
  • 4. Citizenship grade of 70% or higher.
  • 5. Satisfactory attendance.
  • 6. Three academic ineligibilities (three progress reports that have D’s or F’s). If an athlete receives more than three ineligibilities in a single season they may be withdrawn from the team.

Please refer to our Athletic Handbook in your Register My Athlete Portal for more information on eligibility policies.