Click on the appropriate link below for an application packet for applying to Hawaiian Mission Academy.

Regular student application forms & information:
The Regular Student Application packet should include the following information and forms:

  •     Application cover letter
  •     Checklist for Admissions
  •     Student Application Forms
  •     Form A – Release of Information
  •     Form B – Financial Cleareance
  •     Form C – Administrator’s Evaluation
  •     Confidential Teacher Reference Form 1
  •     Confidential Teacher Reference Form 2
  •     Confidential Evaluation Form 3
  •     Health Immunization Certificate Requirement
International student application forms & information:
Click here to access the International Student ONLINE APPLICATION PORTAL. And follow these steps for a complete application:

  •     Steps to Admission into Hawaiian Mission Academy – please read carefully and follow the steps.
  •     Student Information Form
  •     Parent Information Form
  •     Hawaii Sponsor Information Form (International students are required to have a local sponsor that lives on the island of Oahu that can speak English and the student’s language)
  •     International Students Policy Acceptance Agreement Form
  •     Common Teacher Reference Report (2 forms of reference are required from two different subject teachers)
  •     Emergency Medical Information Form
  •     Health Immunization Certificate Requirement